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Longhorn Heifers

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Our Longhorn Heifers are listed from oldest to youngest, not by quality or favoritism. Please call or email if you see one that would compliment your breeding program.

Yellow Rose 32
Yellow Rose 32
TLBAA #: CI295255
DOB: 07/18/2014
Price: Inquire
{ SH Olympic Stage 57/6
Paige's Sugar

SweetHeart Cherry Delight
SweetHeart Cherry Delight
TLBAA #: CI295009
DOB: 09/22/2014

Not for sale

Red Bayou 35
Red Bayou 35
TLBAA #: CI294302
DOB: 01/05/2015
{ 2M Gold King
585 Blue Bayou

Not for sale at this time

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